Advanced and recurrent rectal cancer

Our surgeons have specialist interests, one of which is the surgical treatment of advanced and recurrent rectal cancer.  Patients with advanced rectal cancer present with the same symptoms as those with less advanced disease: namely a change in bowel habit, rectal bleeding or a sensation of incomplete evacuation.  Additionally, locally advanced disease can result in pain.  Recurrent rectal cancer occurs when there is a re-growth of tumour tissue in the pelvis after a previous resection.  This is often detected on follow-up scans, although sometimes it presents with similar symptoms to the original cancer.

Treatment is carried out working closely with oncologists (cancer doctors) who specialize in rectal cancer.  In suitable cases, treatment involves major surgery to remove the recurrent cancer within the pelvis, sometimes removing part of the sacrum or other involved pelvic organs, followed by careful reconstruction of the perineum to restore the pelvic floor.

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