Colorectal Surgery

Conditions affecting the small and large intestine, along with problems related to the anus, are included within the remit of colorectal surgery.  Often it is not initially clear what is causing a patient’s symptoms and, along with clinical assessment, diagnostic tests are necessary.

Symptoms associated with colorectal diseases are varied and can be embarrassing; this often leads to people putting off consulting their doctor or a specialist.  There is greater public awareness of a variety of colorectal problems due to media campaigns, informative television programs and articles published in the press, along with the Internet.  However, it is still often the case that people are reluctant to talk about their symptoms.

The information provided here about a variety of colorectal problems is meant as a guide, and is by no means exhaustive.  Investigation and treatment options are usually tailored to an individual; for this reason it is important to seek expert medical advise.  Our specialists will put you at ease and guide you through the process of diagnosis to treatment.

Our Consultants offer state of the art surgical procedures and, where possible, will employ the least invasive method of treatment to both speed recovery and minimize risk of complications; these techniques include laparoscopic surgery for the majority of bowel operations and the recently introduced haemorrhoid artery ligation (THD) for haemorrhoids.

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