STARR (Stapled Trans-Anal Rectal Resection)

STARR procedure is suitable for certain patients who have constipation secondary to pelvic floor dysfunction (also known as obstructive defaecation syndrome [ODS]).  STARR removes excess rectal tissue using a surgical stapler, which reduces the anatomical cause of ODS.  STARR is an operation performed under general anaesthetic through the anal canal, without cuts or scars on the outside.  At the end of the operation, the patient has a line of staples at the front and back of the lower rectum.  On occasion, the surgeon may recommend that you need only the lining at the back or front excised in this way (a “posterior” or “anterior” STARR).  These staples disappear in the bowel motions over a few weeks.  We would normally expect patients to be able to go home the day following the procedure on laxatives to ensure that they do not strain to pass motion.  There are some risks with STARR (as with all surgical procedures) and you will have the opportunity to discuss the procedure in depth with your surgeon.

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